• Chelsea Simpson

Be kind they all said…

Where have all those people gone?

This picture here has been my reality… this is me….

A mindset coach… who has spent the last 8 weeks not knowing whether or not I’m coming or going.

I have always prided myself on building a business around being a Mum, I get to go to the assemblies, the clubs, I get to give them my undivided attention when they are not at school….

I classed myself as a full time Mum, part time business owner.

Building a successful business on my terms.

Well ….

I was a full time Mum, whose kids sodded off for 6 hours a day to attend school….

Where they got taught…

Where they were stimulated...

Where they got to see their friends and burn off their energy ….

And at the end of the day…..

They would come running out of school with their arms wide to give me the biggest cuddle….

As they had missed me…

It's fair to say….They ain’t missing me right now.

My normal was working from home, peacefully, in a space that wasn’t now expected to be….

All the things for all of our needs…..

Home learning, loving family home, playtime, café….

And I’m sure my kids think they have signed up to a 24/7 full inclusive entertainment package….

This shit is hard.

We are all together, all day….

And I feel like most of the time I’m failing them….

Because I’m not a teacher, I’m not their friend and I sure as hell don’t feel like the fun Mum I used to be.

I am tired, I have put on half a stone and I am drinking far too much at the weekends!!

This is the reality right now.

And my reality is having to deal with children who aren’t keen on home schooling, who get upset, who cry, who strop ….

And my kids are good kids…

But they are also going through this too….

They miss their routine, their family, their friends.

So yes…

I've held them a little tighter through this and not spent enough time filling their brains with educational content….

But having cuddles on the sofa watching their favourite movies while ignoring another ping from the school with this weeks work to do.

TBF the school have been amazing and said don’t do anything if it's causing upset…

But that Mum guilt kicks in…

Am I failing them? Are they going to be the only one struggling when they go back in….

Should I be doing more?

That same Mum guilt that is hovering in the back when someone goes…. ‘will you be sending them back in?’

I read the comments by some parents….

The petitions that have gone up and I want to remind you of one thing…

You make the decision for your family and your family only.

Stop passing judgement on everyone else….

Most people are trying their best in a situation they never imagined possible.

How do you think the essential workers are feeling, those who have had to put their kids into school this whole time when they are seeing post after post ….

About guinea pigs…. Testing it on our children….

I don’t know what the right answer is…

But I sure as hell am not going to pass judgement on the decision someone else is making for their family.

They are the only ones who knows what’s right for their family.

Just like you are the only one, who knows what’s right for yours.

The mental health aspects of this are huge for some people….

The financial pressures too.

Their child going back to school when they are allowed....might be what they need to save their home, their marriage or even their own life.

You just don’t know….

Deciding to keep your kids off, doesn’t make you a bad parent.

Letting your kids return to school, doesn’t make you a bad parent.

Not managing to do any home schooling, doesn’t make you a bad parent.

This is not our normal….

Give each other a break but most importantly, give yourself one too.

Surviving is all you need to be doing right now….

You are doing the best you can, and that’s enough ♥️

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