• Chelsea Simpson

The last three years... Have. Been. Crazy!

I look back at the person who cried when she had to introduce her name to 10 people and I don’t even recognise her.

But that was me... full of self doubt, anxiety and zero confidence...

It’s been a journey and one I never imagined would lead me here.

I’ve travelled the UK speaking to big audiences... the biggest being just over a 1000 😮 and had the privilege to coach people from all around the world!

And now... I pull it all apart.

I’ve evolved so much and my business has too so I’m stripping it all back....

And getting crystal clear on who I am and what my business stands for!

I have the most amazing mentors and coaches around me so its going to keep evolving but this the core of my business.

My Vision and My Mission! ♥️ 

Over the next few months I’m going to be focusing on working with only a small number of 1-2-1 clients and preparing the launch campaign for my group programme.

I’m so excited and look forward to sharing more soon but in the meantime, if this is you, get in touch, let’s chat! x

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