• Chelsea Simpson

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime...

Life has a funny way of bringing people into your life when you need them most.

I would like to introduce you to someone very important to me, Natalie Shaul.

Natalie was looking for a life coach and didn't want a"soft" woman (ha) so was looking for a man life coach, someone who could kick her butt. I was introduced to Natalie by an amazing coach, Lewis Raymond Taylor and we to got to work.

We worked together for 7 months and I watched her transform into the woman and coach, she is today. Natalie was a bit reluctant at first because her issues were with her physical health but quite often that's our bodies way of saying there's something deeper going on. During her coaching, Natalie had realised she had buried so much for her upbringing deep in her mind, and she started realising why she didn't like herself and why she would set herself unrealistic goals to keep herself busy. What happened during her coaching though was something I wasnt expecting. We got very close as her sessions were wrapping up and I was dealing with some of my own personal things. We all have stuff going on and I'm privileged to be able to share my life and lessons with so many to help them along the way.

This was different, I had acknowledged a huge block around love, I kept people out to protect myself. Having so many people around you, its hard to even realise you are doing this... but on a personal level, I wouldn't allow people to love me, I wouldn't allow people in. Other than my family.

Because I didn't believe I deserved it, not a kind love. And if I let people in, I believed they would hurt me.

See I hadn't expected this to come up, I've done so much work around accepting me and being good enough but we can only go as far as we are consciously aware, and then we hit a new level and we have to do the work again, and grow some more. I remember the first time Natalie said she loved me on a voice note, my whole body rejected it. Its not uncommon for clients to be so grateful for helping them change their life but this was different this was as a friend and I wanted to run. And she called me out straight away... she wasnt going any where. I joke that she literally clawed her way in 😉 

And I'm glad she did, because we have been through so much together over this last year, tears, laughter, growth, losses, successes... and I wouldn't have wanted to do it without her.

We had a lovely day yesterday for my birthday, we had some lunch at Strada and took a walk along Southbank along the Thames and into Borough Market. It was a day of mixed emotions for me, I knew it was going to be tough and it got me reflecting on the people we meet alone the way.

And the impact they have... some show us love, others can break our heart but with all of it, we grow, we learn, we dust ourselves off and we carry on.

You don't always get a say what role people have in our lives but we can learn the lessons along the way and love the people who stick around to not only celebrate our wins but also support us when things are tough.

And I'm grateful for it all, but tonight I'm especially grateful that coaching connected me with my best friend, who will be there, no matter what ♥️

Who are you grateful for? x

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