• Chelsea Simpson

Someone gave me a compliment yesterday and I rejected it.

I've been quite hard on myself especially as I hadn't seen them for months...

Before covid ... no gym... and way too many snacks and bubbles!

So when they gave me the compliment....Instead of saying thank you.

I rejected it.

And it's really interesting because Ive spent a lot of time working on this.

I couldn't take compliments before.

They made me feel uncomfortable.

I didn't know how to accept them.

When you've been told that you're ugly, you're fat, you’re worthless for so long .... you believe it.

So when someone says something that doesn't sit with that belief, you can't allow it in.

So I had to do a lot of work on not rejecting a order to start lovely and accepting every part of me.

Have you ever done it when someone's turned around and said to you....

“Oh you look lovely today”

And you go thanks so do you.

That’s not accepting the compliment, the gift they have given you.

That’s you giving it straight back.... you are rejecting the gift.

It feels amazing when you give someone a genuine compliment, and it makes their day.

But if they don't accept it, it's almost a rejection of that gift.

And I did that yesterday and it got me thinking...

Yes I haven't been to the gym.

My body's a little softer now than before but I still love it all the same.

And it's very easy to get into that mindset that because it's not how I'd like it to be then it's somehow less...

Its less than good enough.

I’m less than enough ....

And it’s simply not true.

Maybe I am a little bit softer and maybe I wobble a little bit more too....

But I am enough....

And I choose to love every part of me....

Make sure you are doing the same.... because you are enough too ♥️

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