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Finding the strength to let go so you can move on

  • Dealing with grief & loss

  • Accepting it's over

  • Finding yourself again

  • Allowing the feelings

  • Stopping toxic patterns

  • Understanding the importance of looking after yourself


But first it hurts and then it changes you...

Sometimes the worse thing about heartbreak is the fact you are not ready to let go. And when we can't let go, we cannot begin to heal. 

We might revisit the pain or revisit the good memories and it makes it even harder to get through it.

Sometimes it's not just the relationship we have to mourn, but the life we once thought we were going to have and the future we had planned.

The truth is the pain and loss of losing someone we love can make every day feel harder. I know, I have felt it, but with the right support, you can begin to get through it, to regain your confidence and one day, when you are ready, look forward to dating again.

Get in touch, to begin feeling better and regaining control of your life again. 

Image by Brooke Cagle
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