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It's time to own your sh*t!

Grab your journal, grab a pen and sit your butt down. It’s question time.

We don’t just have to protect ourselves from others, we have to protect ourselves from our own self-sabotage.

We have to assess our own behaviour and own every part of our involvement and engagement. Including holding ourselves accountable when we behave poorly. Or when we project. We need to learn, or should I say unlearn the toxic behaviours we have picked up along the way.

Sit down and work your way through these questions. Look inwards.

Question 1. Is it really how it went or just how you want to remember it?

Question 2. How are your insecurities affecting the way you’re viewing the situation?

Question 3. What parts of yourself do you see in the person you are criticising?

Question 4. Are you more concerned with being right or evolving as a person?

Question 5. What blame have you placing on someone else that you can take accountability for?

Question 6. What hard conversations have you been avoiding with yourself?

Question 7. What is your most toxic trait you can admit to?

Question 8. Is your ego getting in the way of your healing?

I would love to know how you got on. Hit me up on social media! Or send me a message!

As always… Here’s to love, laughter and living your happy ever after xx


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