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No New Year Resolutions For Me

My 2023 word is: Focus.

Do you do New Years Resolutions? It's a split divide…. There’s a lot of “why wait until the new year” and the “New year, New Me” crew.

It's true you don’t have to wait, but it is also a good time for reflection.

‘What did the last year look like?’

‘Did I achieve all I wanted?’

‘What lessons did I learn?’

I do goals, I reflect and I adapt… but I stopped the traditional New Years Resolutions a few years ago and started choosing a word.

I haven’t done it for awhile… 2020’s word was Connection but then Covid happened so screw you… lol

This next year is going to be FOCUS.

The past year I've been distracted, between losing my nan and nearly dying on the stairs plus the normal strains of life, running a business and a home while adjusting to medication… I have been distracted, not focused.

So this year… I am focusing on what I want.

Focusing on my family.

Focusing on my relationship.

Focusing on my health.

Focusing on my home.

Focusing on my clients.

Focusing on my business.

And focusing on my growth.

I am here to win and I need rock solid focus and dedication to do that.

If you had to pick one word for 2023, what would it be??


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