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To Love Someone Deeply & Fully, These Things Are Important.

If you want to love someone deeply and fully is to know and accept that they:

  • Will mess up and make mistakes

  • Have their own triggers connected with trauma

  • Won't always be able to meet our needs

  • Are allowed to have bad days

  • Need empathy, compassion and support too

  • Just want to feel safe like you do

Man and woman in love

Relationships often lean towards being unbalanced, even when we believe we’re making sacrifices or consistently accommodating our partners.

Many times, our actions are guided by what we perceive they want, or sometimes by a self-serving desire to maintain harmony, rather than genuinely ensuring our partners feel secure and cherished.

While this isn’t always the scenario, it tends to be more commonplace than the exception.

I’ve noticed that transformative shifts occur when both partners endeavour to step outside their own viewpoints and attempt to understand their partners perspectives.

Issues arise when our partners either do or don’t do things that feel deliberately hurtful, despite that not being their intention.

The majority of the issues causing upset in relationships stem less from the actual behaviours and more from the narrative or interpretation we construct around our partner’s actions.

This process is rather unfair (and counterproductive) because it leads to feelings of anger, distress, and resentment based on our own understanding of an event rather than the reality.

Consequently, this cycle perpetuates one argument after another.

What if we tried to view situations from an alternative perspective?

What if we reminded ourselves that our partners are also human beings, harbouring an inner child seeking safety, love, and acceptance?

What if we recalled that to genuinely and deeply love someone, means acknowledging and embracing both their positive and negative aspects? ♥️ __________________________________________________

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