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Unveiling the Power of Denial - When We Dont Even Know We Are Lying

Denial - life coach Chelsea Simpson

Denial is a formidable defence mechanism, an art of self-deception that often conceals truths from ourselves. It's astonishing how we can become so skilled at convincing ourselves of something that isn't accurate, even when we're unaware of it.

"Denial - when we dont even know we are lying".

Our subconscious mind plays a pivotal role in this intricate web of self-deception. It constructs narratives that protect our fragile egos, shielding us from the discomfort of acknowledging painful truths. In this process, we become the actors in a story we didn't even realize we were crafting.

The saying, "You don't know what you don't know" is profoundly true when it comes to denial. We unknowingly perpetuate falsehoods to protect our self-image, to shield ourselves from pain, or to align with societal expectations. It's only when we pause to reflect, to challenge our own narratives, that we begin to unravel the layers of self-deception.

Recognising this hidden web of denial can be transformative. It enables us to regain our authenticity, fostering self-awareness and emotional growth. So, let's become the architects of our own narratives, acknowledging that sometimes we lie, not only to others but to ourselves. And by doing so, we embark on a journey towards a more genuine and fulfilling existence.

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